Satanist of 26 Years Converts Instantly

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Zac King and wife Katie – A Modern Story of Divine Mercy

Well, the end of May is already here, and we didn’t want this month dedicated to the Blessed Mother to end without sharing the experience we had when we met and heard former Satanist of 26 years, Zachary King, speak at the North American Congress on Mercy (NACOM) in Oakland, California last month.

It is an incredible witness to the power of our prayers, especially praying for conversions, and the role of our Lady in leading others back to her son Jesus. The miracle happened instantly when he was handed a Miraculous Medal.

We hope this story will give you hope, and encourage you to persevere in your prayers. Thanksgiving to our Lady! If she can do this for Zach, she can do this for all kinds of people that are immersed in sin, and the culture of death, and the dark side. Praise God!

Here below is the article written by our friend Christopher Sparks, a writer at the Marian Helper Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in his NACOM follow-up.

Former Satanist Zachary King, a lay Catholic evangelist from Florida and founder of All Saints Ministry with his wife, Katie, sat next to Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC, and shared his conversion story with Congress participants.

Raised Baptist, Zachary began experimenting with magic and the occult when he was ten. The victim of sexual assault by a female teacher at age 13, he found an apparent circle of friends in a group of people who gathered to play Dungeons & Dragons — and for whom nothing was off limits.

It seemed fun, said Zach. Nothing was wrong, according to these people; nothing forbidden. If it feels good, do it! Initially he had no idea who he’d fallen in with, but eventually another youth told him the group was a Satanic cult. An adult member confirmed it, and asked Zachary if he’d like to pursue full initiation.

Zachary said he would.

By the time he was 15, said Zachary, he had broken all 10 Commandments. As part of Satanic worship, he took part in various abortions done by cult members. Over the course of 20-some years as a practicing Satanist, he’d taken part in 146 ritual abortions, helped break up around 120 Baptist churches through infiltration and the careful deployment of gossip and manipulation, and committed every sin imaginable. He worked his way through the ranks in the World Church of Satan, eventually attaining the rank of High Wizard, a position people are selected for by the devil himself, according to Zachary.

He thought he was beyond saving, believing the contract he’d been required to sign at the outset of his journey into this earthly netherworld was binding — his soul had been sold, and nothing could retrieve it.

But that was wrong, said Zach. “It’s like if your friend has a very nice car,” he explained to the pilgrims. “You can’t sell me that car. Jesus bought your soul on the Cross. You don’t own your soul. You can’t sell it to the devil.”

So Zachary tried to escape, finding himself sick of a life without limits except the one keeping him from God. He joined a Baptist church for real, only to leave after three years and return to magic. He married his wife Katie and was living in Vermont, managing a jewelry store, when the Blessed Mother sent a message especially for him.

miraculous medial goldA woman came into the shop looking for earrings to replace a pair she’d lost. Zachary located some for her. She said she was shopping with her daughter and had to go meet up with her, but would return to purchase the earrings. Zachary thought that unlikely, but as the woman had an “unusually honest face,” he set the earrings aside. The woman returned, purchased the earrings, and said, “Now I have something for you!”

Zachary thought he knew for sure what he was going to receive: a Chick tract, one of the numerous publications of the notorious anti-Catholic Jack Chick. But she handed him a small gold disc — what he now knows was a Miraculous Medal.

“And then she said the strangest thing I had ever heard in my life,” said Zachary, “and after 25+ years of being involved in the occult, that’s saying something! She said, ‘The Blessed Mother is calling you into her army.'”

Having been raised a Baptist, Zachary had never heard Mary, the Mother of God, called “the Blessed Mother” before, but he did have a long history with paganism, so he assumed he was hearing from a devotee of a pagan fertility cult.

Then she told him that the object was very powerful. He felt sure that he would be able to tell whether this thing truly was powerful or not, having the background he had, so he closed his fist around it and suddenly the world around him faded away.

The customer appeared to begin telling him the details of his past: the years of Satanism and the occult; the magic; the abortions; the sins. He was astounded — she was reading his soul! Then the Blessed Mother was there, and he knew now who it was: no pagan goddess, but the human mother of Jesus, the Son of God. She turned him gently around, and he saw Jesus, he said. He met Jesus, and knew the truth, and the truth set him free.

Then he loosed his grip on the medal, and the shop returned around him.

The woman who had come into his shop was Mary Ann Wichmann of the Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing Ministry. She gave Zachary Catholic pamphlets and Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs, put him in touch with priests, and eventually helped Zachary find his way to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

Chris Sparks
Marian Helper Center
Stockbridge, MA

Click here for full text of article.

To learn more about the life of Zachary King before and after his conversion, visit  We highly recommend his cd’s or dvd’s to help you learn more about the root of every evil and wrong in the world, satanic worship. This information needs to be shared so that we are more aware of the tactics of our enemy, especially his methods for ensnarling children and youth.

130720-395Blessings and may God bless America!

Dave and Joan Maroney
Campaign Directors
Divine Mercy for America


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  • Julie Howard Kozlowski

    Wow that is amazing. This story brought me to tears how beautiful!! Mary brought him to her son and home where he belongs. He didn’t find what he needed in the Baptist Church not until he encountered Mary did he find what he was searching for the Truth the full fulfillment of Jesus the Holy Catholic Church!!!!

  • dj

    Beautiful! Praised be God, Praised be God in His Angels and Saints. Jesus we trust in you!

  • Caroline Pribble

    What a beautiful story! A courageous witness to Christ shows us how to not be afraid . It could have turned out different ..he could have just thrown it aside, or told her ‘no thanks’. Then she could have walked away none the worse for wear. Instead she was instrumental in bringing Jesus and His Mother to heal this tortured soul. Thanks to my wonderful associate pastor for reading this at 8am Mass this morning.

  • Yojs Calim Yagonia

    this is amazing how powerful God to change or to convert to a new life and back to Our God.


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